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This is our SEASON FINALE 

“We've had an incredible response from our community and beyond and are so grateful for your generous gifts. This is the last episode of this Internship Campaign season. Yes! We are wrapping up and cannot wait to  share LIVE stories of our future interns at SewGreen.”  - Georgia

As we conclude this campaign, this week, it is Summer's turn to appear on your screen. Summer was among the first interns at SewGreen and came back for a second year. Here is what she says:


“I was taught how to knit and cross-stitching, yarn spinning. I learned a lot of things like ordinary people of my age would not learn how to do. We had this one thing where we taught kids, a two week summer program for children, to teach them how to sew. I learned to work with children, be patient with them, teach them and guide them along. Problem solving is a thing that I picked up working in that store” - Summer

“When I was in school, when it came to group projects, I was usually the one to take the first step, getting everybody involved, everyone has a say. Even now when it comes to work, I am the same way. If I know something has to be done, I am going to be the first to try to get it done. If I need help, I am going to be the one who asks for help. I am going to get everyone involved. I am going to make sure everyone does their part… If I did not have that experience at SewGreen, back then, today, at 21 years-old, I would not be capable of that.”  - Summer

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