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Green Friday Instructions and Videos

We have created a few videos to show you how to make some of the Green Friday Items. We recommend that if you have never made these items or are relatively new to sewing that you watch the video first, then play the video along while you sew or assemble the items. 

Button Tree

Watch this short video to see how Georgia puts together a Button Tree.

Button Tree Video on YouTube

Tote Bag

Josefina shows you how to make a beautiful Tote Bag in this 2 part video series. 

Tote Bag Part 1 - Pinning French Seams

Tote Bag Part 2 - Sewing

Screen Shot 2020-11-10 at 9.48.43 PM.png

This is a nice project for learning to sew on a sewing machine. It is a 3 part series.

Pillow Part 1 - Pinning and Sewing

Pillow Part 2 - Turning and Stuffing

Pillow Part 3 - Sew up the hole

Fleece Scarf

Use a square knot to tie two ends together at the fringes and you've got a cute and unique scarf.

To make a square knot: tie left over right, then right over left.

Book Mark

Align the pieces together as you like, then sew everything together with a button on top. Just like sewing a button on a shirt.


Practice the ancient art of weaving and make a cute coaster, or make two and sew together for a little pocket.

Cardboard Weaving


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